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The important flow of information

Some customers tend to think that we ask too many questions/spend too much time, while on the phone with you, while at a time when they want speedy service and nothing else! After all, you need to get to an important meeting, or home to get ready for your daughter's birthday party, or perhaps you're at the airport after a couple of days away and just want to get home to see your loved ones. But the information we ask for is crucial for us to rightfully dispatch a vehicle that can best/-or sooner than expected, help you with your problem.
Did you know, for example, that there are more than one million vehicles that use Highway 401 in the Metro Toronto area on a daily basis - making it the second busiest highway in North America? Or that West Edmonton Mall is the world's largest shopping and entertainment facility (with over 800 stores and 110 restaurants)? Or that at most airports, you are not allowed to stop or park a vehicle, so it's important for you to meet the service provider quickly since he or she cannot stop in order to go looking for you!

In many instances, the best service provider is NOT a tow truck at all, but possibly a "light-service" vehicle (i.e.:a smaller car or truck) that can faster engage primarily into your situation to deliver gasoline or boost a run-down battery, or whose driver can help you change a flat tire or get your keys out of the car. Nearly half of all service calls we receive do not result in a vehicle's being in REAL need to be towed out and away.... And in many cases, such as some old-/designed underground parking garages, there is not enough clearance for a modern/tall tow truck to help you. In these instances, you need someone to pull you out first! So, beware that information is critical in making sure the correct service vehicle is dispatched and reaches you as quickly as possible. The next time you find yourself stranded and in need of help/service, please be prepared to provide us with the "right" information we are asking for. It will help us HELP YOU more quickly and get you back sooner towards your routine/regular schedule.

On the highway... What direction were you travelling in? Are you in the collectors or express lanes? On what shoulder/lane are you broken down? What was the last exit you passed? Is there a mileage marker nearby?

At the airport... What terminal? What airline? Are you at the arrivals or the departures level? Are you at short-term or long-term parking? Parking garage or an oft-site lot? What level, post colour and number? What is the clearance? Can we meet you at a specific location?

At a Mall, Hospital, Casino, Zoo, University or College ... What is the exact entrance or exact meeting place? Are you in a parking garage? If so what is the clearance? How can you best describe your vehicle's problem (dead battery, flat tire, no gas, etc.)?

In all cases, it is also VERY important to have at least a phone number you can be reached at(a.k.a. call-back number), if at all possible. Essential is also the proper spelling of streets/main intersections/landmarks (i.e.:Dixie and Eglinton can sound a lot like Dixon and lslington, over a static-filled cell phone) or hopefully the exact physical address of the location at which the vehicle is broken down! The full address of the location to where the vehicle is being towed is also important in cases you do not wish to accompany your car in tow.

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